Moving into Producing

It’s been a very long time since I posted on my blog. Life has been extremely crazy. But I’ve taken on a new roll, one I didn’t think I’d ever do….produce a movie. It’s not that I didn’t want some other Hollywood production company to snap it up – indeed, that was my goal and that of my manager. Even though it’s a high-concept comedy and family-friendly, no one would even take the time to read it, save those few who weren’t doing comedies and they gave great feedback.

So I decided that I could no longer wait on Hollywood and have moved into the role of producer. It’s a daunting task and with the help of several books including, Indie Film Producing by Suzanne Lyons, The Film Biz Bible by John Rodsett and Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film by Paula Landry, and the help of my manager, I am moving forward.

My goal is to produce it in Colorado. After all, I live here and what better way to stimulate the local economy. Plus it’s less expensive to produce a film here as opposed to California.

What an adventure…I’ll let you know how it goes!

Take Care,